The State of Tape

Adhesive tape is a tape that is coated one or both sides with an adhesive. A tape is a narrow strip of material that is generally used to hold or fasten something, and an adhesive is a substance that provides adhesion. One well known early application of tape was the use of strips of cloth used to wrap Egyptian mummies. The first known manufactured adhesives were pastes that were made from fish. Today, adhesive tapes have a wide range of uses that include many general purpose applications as well as specific applications such as sealing joints, insulating against electricity, wrapping and packaging, labelling and the securing of one item to another. Today’s adhesive tapes have evolved from the simple application of a rubber based adhesive to a strip of cloth, like velcro tape is; to high strength, copper tape made from copper foil with an electrically conductive adhesive applied to one side.

At the forefront of adhesive tape technology is a revolutionary engineered material that is made from an ultra high strength carbon-fiber fabric that is combined with an adhesive that has been designed to mimic the temporary but high strength bonding properties of the feet of the gecko lizard. This amazing tape is designed to reliably bond to a variety of substrates that range from the smoothest glass to the roughest masonry.

Unlike gaffer tape, which is designed to be easily removed and discarded after use, this new type of adhesive tape is designed to be removed and reused up to one hundred times. Similar to Velcro in that it is reusable, the revolutionary new tape is designed to be completely removed from the substrates to which it is adhered in a single, reusable piece without leaving any residue and without decreasing its adhesive properties. This tape can be easily pealed from substrates on either one or both sides, as the option to include a permanent adhesive on one side or the reusable adhesive on both sides will be available.

Also due to the versatility of the adhesive that is used on the new tape design, it will provide an effective and reusable bond to fabrics, especially when coupled with duct tape. One type of tape that is currently used on fabrics and clothing is reflective tape, which is used as a safety device to increase the visibility of the wearer of the clothing by reflecting ambient and directed light.

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