The Science of SEO and Google

Many of the common thoughts on modern SEO are are imprecise or only conditionally true. For example, a webpage with the same keyword found in the title, in several headings, and strewn throughout the page may be considered spam. Because we do not know exactly what the algorithm is, we must, at times and like artists, use our intuition to make decisions. Even those principles that we do rely on to guide our SEO thinking are based, in part, on the intuitions of others. This is especially noticeable considering the differing opinions found all over the web about SEO and particularly how northern operations in the Gold Coast function. How does one tell which of the Gold Coast SEO principles work and which dont? I suppose that we usually choose the one that is most coherent with the other principles that we know or the ones that make the most sense. Both of these processes rely on intuition.

Search Engine Gap

Not only does the information gap lead allow subjectivity to enter SEO, but so do the differences between search engines. Google is different from Yahoo which is different from Bing which is different from Ask. While many of the general principles governing SEO are the same for all search engines, optimizing a website for a specific search engine may look very different than optimizing for another. An expert may try to approach SEO by catering only to the top few search engines by following only those SEO principles that apply to them. But even then there might be conflicting principles. For example, if it is believed that Google prefers 2% keyword density while Yahoo prefers 3%, then there are conflicting principles for SEO. Such conflicts may lead the expert to come up with a new principle, some sort of compromise between the two. The SEO expert, making individual decisions not based on strict boundaries, is looking more like an artist than a scientist. This Melbourne digital marketing agency is known to convey the truths of the SEO art form and not claim to be Google Scientists.

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